What you should and should not do when renewing your vehicle insurance

For some, the end of the year is the reminder that their vehicle insurance is about to expire, so they should start thinking about acquiring a new one. Although the insurer that you have hired calls you to offer you a renewal, this does not mean that you should renew with the same company.

The truth is that having so much market for this industry, companies are constantly renewing and offering new promotions to attract users, it is ideal to know which one of them has the lowest costs as it will represent considerable savings. If more than the offers and plans, for you what is the prime model to choose, then you can do the search based entirely on what you need and once you choose, determine if you will use a concessionaire or go directly to a financial institution. Among the facilities, there may be a preferential rate or a lower percentage of initial fee. Which means that the most sensible action would be to obtain more information to make sure you take out the insurance that suits you.

Looking to achieve that goal, this is a list of the things you should and should not do when it comes to renewing your insurance:

What you should do:

money budget

1. Compare at least 3 insurers (you can do it using the Logredsa Hersawas comparator)
2. Find out about your coverage restrictions, which are in the contract.
3. Take into account the service channels offered by the insurer

What you must not do:

money cash

1. Choose the cheapest one without checking the conditions, as you may need more protection.
2. Do not pay attention to the deductible. Remember that it is the amount that you will have to pay in case of an accident.
3. Do not ask about the extra benefits. There are many! Take advantage.


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