How do you become debt free? – Debt Consolidation

For many, the long-term goal is to become completely debt-free by reducing consumer loans and other miscellaneous loans, and instead saving money in the bank. See of critique.

Become a debt-free

Become a debt-free

It is recommended that you find the cheapest way to repay your debt.

Then you should find a level that you can repay on a regular basis and still manage financially.

Finally, we must learn to wait to buy until we actually have money. It is simple and it is very possible for most people to become debt free and therefore stand more free.

Cheap loans – a novelty

Cheap loans - a novelty

As something new in the Norwegian consumer loan market, there are a number of cheap loans to choose from. Many of them are on the Internet to develop and offer cheap loans without the use of banks. These loans are made through a type of stock market for loans, which brings private lenders in contact with private borrowers. A good example of such loans is Realfinans, and also Folk Lender.

They offer cheap loans by moving the banks. Questions that may arise is what should the loan be used for, has the person borrowed through the system in the past, and has he or she paid their installments back on time? Be prepared for this to be checked when you take out a loan.

Although there are many good deals per day we would of course recommend that you still look clearly at the loan agreement, but also that you look at it with critical eyes, since it is a very new type of loan.

Mobile loans and SMS loans – what should you choose

Mobile loans and SMS loans - what should you choose

Also new to the market for loans in Norway are SMS loans or Mobile loans, which is a loan type, which sends an SMS and then within a few minutes you usually borrow between NOK 500 and NOK 2000.

The loans are usually short term

short term loan

You pay them back within 14 days or a month for example. The question is whether it is a good idea to choose these SMS loans. It is not. The price for this type of consumer loan is too high. Steer clear of SMS loans is our good advice.

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