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You may have heard the word “debt” before and wondered what size it is? Debt debt is not a rocket science and really just means that you have a little debt in a few different places. An explanation over at

It can for example. be a credit card overdraft , a cash credit , a consumer loan , or the like.

The word “debt debt” refers to you having debts of debt.

Is it rubbish to have debts?


It’s not necessarily bad to have a debts, no. However, it is usually expensive to have debt in different places because you pay interest and fees all the places.

But as long as you can keep the payments on all your debt obligations, it is not bad to have tax debt as such.

If, on the other hand, you cannot meet your payments, it can seem very demotivating to get reminders and reminders about payment deadlines etc. from so many different ones.

If you are in a situation where you can no longer pay off your loans and they have all been exceeded, it may be a good idea to make a priority.

A priority means that you list all your creditors (those who have lent the money). Find out which debt obligations are the least and start by paying them off first.

Paying off a loan can be really motivating and it creates a better overview of your other debt obligations.

Collect your debts with a collateral loan


As described earlier, there is no such thing as a red alarm light on having debt, but it is usually more expensive than having one big loan.

Such a loan is called a collateral loan . A collateral loan is, as the name implies, a loan where one collects. In this case, one collects one’s debts.

So you take out one single loan to pay off all your various debt obligations.

Benefits of a collateral loan

Benefits of a collateral loan

There are many benefits to pooling your existing loans into one.

  • A collateral loan gives more air to the economy
  • A collateral loan creates a larger overview

A collateral loan gives more air to the economy. It may sound a little strange, since your total debt is not reduced by taking out a collateral loan.

The reason why you get more air in the economy is that by a collateral loan, you save a lot of money on interest and fees .

Having lots of small consumer loans can be a costly affair. This is mainly because the interest rate is often not the best, at least not on all the loans.

In addition, you will most likely pay fees on all the loans at the same time. It can for example. be a fee to have a bill sent by letter, or to pay the bill over payment service.

By pooling all the loans into one, you avoid unnecessary fees and often get a more advantageous interest rate.

Another side is that you usually get a lower benefit by aggregating into one. This is because, as is often the case, the maturity will be longer for a collateral loan than for consumer loans and credit card debt.

With a lower interest rate and a longer maturity, your benefit will naturally be lower. You therefore get more air in the budget and a larger amount of money available.

The other benefit is that you get a better overview of your debt by having only one loan, rather than many different ones.

Finding out your real expenses can be difficult if you have many small loans.

By pooling into one large loan, you can much more easily see your expenses.

What loans can you collect?

What loans can you collect?

In theory, you can collect virtually any type of loan, such as:

  • Bank loans
  • Car loans
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Home loans
  • Consumer

However, it will usually be the more expensive loans that can pay off. These are consumer loans, credit card debt and, in part, car loans .

Of course, since there is also interest on a collateral loan, it will only make sense to collect the loans with a higher interest rate.

How to get the best collateral loan?

How to get the best collateral loan?

It is with collateral loans, as it is with all other loans. You get the best loan by comparing the loans.

By comparing, you can easily and easily see which loan is best for you.

We would love to help you find the best collection loan for you. You can easily and quickly present the best collateral loans by using our loan comparator here . You can also read much more about collateral loans and their advantages / disadvantages.

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